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Graphic Designer

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BBXX creates digital media content about sexuality, intimacy, and communication to help people better understand themselves so that they can live better relationships with other people as a result.

We are looking for a graphic designer with a modern, minimalist and edgy yet elegant style to join our team. We are not looking for someone with a traditional, commercial portfolio.

Please refer to our Instagram and website below to get a better idea of our style. Please take your time to go through them to get a feeling for the look & feel.


Coming Soon

We are looking for someone who can mainly help us create Instagram stories, with possible supplementary work helping out with things such as audiograms, website design, etc.

In the past, one of the problems we have had with designers we have tried to work with is that the work is too traditional/commercial feeling, e.g. felt like they could be a graphic used for a software company or a pizza restaurant.

BBXX tries to maintain a minimalist style. “Edgy yet Elegant.” It pushes the boundaries sometimes but it isn’t profane nor cliche. All of the other companies in this space tend to use the same photos, the same colors, and the same voice. Through our branding, we very clearly distinguish ourselves from them.

The style of BBXX is also meant to be gender-neutral. Another one of the most common issues we have had in trying to find a designer (or a copywriter for that matter) is that it often feels far too feminine, generally following the same pattern of what all of the other companies are doing. At BBXX, we also believe in creating a space where men AND women, and people of any gender, can come together to learn about intimacy and relationships. In fact, we believe that hosting a shared space for men and women to come together is essential if we want to have a chance at changing present-day culture and perspectives. We believe it is important for people to understand the perspectives of others, and to understand cultural influences (both shared and different) that have shaped us all; that have shaped the way we think about, talk about, and act in regards to intimacy and relationships. BBXX is most importantly about understanding yourself first, and the process of doing that is really not as different between people (regardless of gender, background, etc) as we tend to think!

Please submit your portfolio, Behance page, etc, and if we think there might be a possible fit we will contact you to do a simple design trial that would involve designing an Instagram story for us.

Thank you!