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Content Marketing Manager

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Later this year, we will hire for a Content Marketing Manager. You’ll drive our growth by managing our developer content, overseeing a process that includes strategy, production, distribution and analytics. We hire remote! ?

Our team makes a video chat API so every developer can add video to any website or app. Our growth is contingent on every developer on the planet knowing about our APIs and how to use them. To this end, we’re producing a lot of content! This includes blog posts, code tutorials, YouTube videos and more.

The goal of our content is to drive traffic and raise brand awareness. Because we succeed only when our developers succeed, we also look at what content helps our developers onboard. (Our APIs are used by a diverse array of teams: large organizations with complex needs, fast-growing startups that are highly technical, large and small developer shops, stealth startups, freelancers, and more. We love this, and pay attention to our different audience segments.)

Later this year, we’ll hire a content marketing colleague. To be transparent about our timeline, we’re not in a rush to make a hire right now. But we’d be glad to talk if you want to reach out, so we might learn about your timeline, too, and stay in contact.

What you’ll do

You’d be responsible for the full content process. So you’ll wear a lot of hats:

  • You’ll work closely with our Developer Relations Engineers and group.
  • Understand our audience segments and behaviors. You’ll analyze their content needs, and work with our developer evangelists and cofounders to prioritize needed content.
  • Edit and QA content according to our company style guide
  • Coordinate production and calendar — rolling up your sleeves, and working on everything like flowing posts into our CMS, sourcing images, tagging and linking content for analytics, and publishing on time. At least initially, you’ll be doing this. As we grow, the team can include junior colleagues you may manage. But this role isn’t for you if you don’t love the details.
  • Analyze which promotion channels to use, and package content for distribution
  • Coordinate social media, including posting to social media and coordinating its schedule
  • Measure and analyze content performance, and share that data — make us smarter about high impact keywords, how content relates to different parts of our funnel, and SEO in general
  • Heads up: you will be working with API content, much of it written specifically for developers. (More on this below.)

What you bring

  • Please see our jobs page, for more about team — we’re looking for someone who feels the same way about kindness, diversity, and excellence.
  • You love working with content. You’ve got a track record of getting involved in helping create and distribute content.
  • You’re organized and detail-oriented.
  • Familiarity with the processes and tools of content production. SEO tools, CMS, Buffer/Hootsuite, UTM tags, stock photography, GIF production, etc. etc.
  • You know SEO.
  • Bonus points if you have demonstrated familiarity with technical writing. You don’t have to be deeply technical to help us succeed — being organized and knowing SEO is more important. Having said that, we’re eager to hear about any technical content chops.

More details — technical scope, writing

  • This is not the job for you if you’d like to establish and own a brand voice. When you edit and QA content, it’s important to work according to our editorial and brand guidelines.
  • Bonus points if you can write yourself. Because our developer evangelists will be producing a great deal of content, it’s more important that you be able to manage that content and analyze its performance. But if you can turn out a blog post to fill a gap, that’s a plus.
  • Salary: junior $60,000 – $90,000. With experience, $120,000 – $150,000. (We evaluate experience relative to the experience of the other members of our team.) Compensation is independent of location, and we offer competitive benefits and equity.

More about us

  • Please take a moment to learn about us, As it says, we care deeply about what we build and seek kindness and diversity. Work-life balance matters.
  • We believe diversity is part of excellence, and seek teammates from all backgrounds.
  • We have an office in San Francisco, but we’re a fully distributed company, so remote applicants are definitely encouraged!
  • Applying for jobs and interviewing is tough — thanks for considering us. We wrote this to explain our hiring process.

If you are interested in this role but are not sure you are a fit, please reach out to us anyway. Job descriptions are always just starting points, and we would like to meet you and be helpful in any way we can.


If you’re interested in joining us, please send email to [email protected].

  • Again, we only plan on hiring for this role later in the year, but glad to start the conversation and hear about your timeline.
  • Tell us a little bit about why you’re interested in what we’re doing and any relevant experience you have.
  • Please also include pointers to blog posts or any writing.
  • Attached your resume or LinkedIn.

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