The future of work: 10 tips for remote working

The future of work: 10 tips for remote working

March 24, 2020

GEDS founder Gulay Ozkan shares her 10 key strategies to help ease the transition to remote work for your business.

It was the summer of 2014. I was camping in a desert on a different continent for 10 days and had limited supplies. Since I traveled from Istanbul, I wasn’t able to bring as many as the locals. During those 10 days, when I had to take a shower using my limited drinking water and live with the few things I had, I realized how much I waste water and use many unnecessary things in my city life. After that experience in 2014, I came home and disposed of 70% of my belongings. Since then, I’ve learnt to live with much less than I used to.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, many international flights have been canceled and companies have asked their employees to work remotely. For a lot of people, working away from their colleagues and office spaces can feel quite awkward, and may cause stress and worry. But you’ll soon see — teams can achieve just as much working from a distance.

Over the last 20 years of my career, I’ve experienced a lot of success with remote working. Here at GEDS, we have managed multiple large-scale international projects from a distance, recruited team members from different countries and have maintained our processes successfully.

In light of the recent health crisis, I wanted to share my top 10 tips for people and businesses that are remote working.

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Cover illustration by Selen Sariel of GEDS

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